Her Psycho Vampire Bodyguards, Book 1

Four killers swear to protect me—forever


Born Anastasia Romanov, I was royalty from birth, and when my human family was massacred, I was turned into a vampire princess.

Blood and sex go hand in hand for vampires, but secluded in the vampiric palace for a hundred years, I remain a virgin, the only man I feed from a eunuch.

I’m finally out in the world when tragedy strikes, and I’m kidnapped by four massive vampires—ruthless killers with a strict code—who claim they saved me and are duty bound to protect me for life.

Held by my four smoking-hot, powerful protectors in their luxurious lair, I’m tempted by newly awakened needs. But forming connections—physical or emotional—goes against their code. And my duty to the monarchy is more important than my desires—or the possibility of love.

And a mysterious, dark figure from my past, lurks in the shadows, waiting to claim me—body and soul.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Hot, intense and so freaking good! Must read!

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