This book has it all. Fantastic characters and steamy hot scenes and most of all fantastic story line. A must read!

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No one escapes from here.

Trapped in a dungeon, three men with dark pasts vow their lives to protect me. Each of them is so different from the others–Ryker & Zuben, vampires who are night & day, and Axe, a bear shifter, who makes my heart stop.

I crave these men. Without them, I’d be dead. To find escape, we must work together.

Secrets slide around us like shadows in wait–some pull us together, while others threaten to tear us apart.

Something powerful is building inside me, something I know is bigger than I ever imagined.

My blood is only one reason I’m hunted, and the powerful vampire who runs this dungeon will stop at nothing to get me under her control.

This is Book 2 in The Vampires’ Illuminant series that starts with Auctioned For Her Blood